What does FEIBEL.DE do?

FEIBEL.DE/ the Office for Children’s Media are concerned with the subject of children, computers and media. The editorial office writes articles on this topic for daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, the trade press and online media, and creates features for radio stations.

It all began with the Children’s Software Guide
Since publication of the first Guide in 1995 for parents, the continuous reviews and assessments in magazines and books of children’s and learning software and computer and console games have been valued by teachers and librarians.  Feibel’s mouse rating is now a well-established seal of approval.  The Office for Children’s Media has for years offered useful advice on buying software.  FEIBEL.DE also presents new websites and board games, with more than 2000 reviews on its pages.

What do computers do to children?
The Office for Children’s Media not only evaluates computer games for children and learning software, but also assesses the consequences in society.  What is childhood like today?  How strongly are today’s children
affected by the new media?  Do new media need new teaching methods?  FEIBEL.DE offers assistance in understanding complex subjects like
computer games, the Internet, mobile phones or television.

In 2002, in cooperation with the magazine spielen & lernen, FEIBEL.DE created TOMMI, the German children’s software prize, which has been partnered by such famous names as Stiftung Lesen (The Reading Trust), T-Online and ZDF tivi, the Children’s TV department of one of the two main public service broadcasters in Germany.  Thomas Feibel is chairman of both the experts’ and children’s juries for the TOMMI award.

LAST UPDATE 27.02.2008