Who is Thomas Feibel?

Born in 1962, Thomas Feibel is Germany’s leading journalist on the subject of children and computers.  The media expert writes for Spiegel Online, Die Zeit, spielen und lernen, Familie & Co and many other publications and runs the Office for Children’s Media in Berlin.  He was a pioneer in researching, assessing and reviewing the software market which had hitherto not been transparent for parents.  One of the milestones of Feibel’s career was the creation of the Kindersoftware-Ratgeber (Children’s Software Guide) that has now become a standard work of reference, published in book form from 1996-2003 and thereafter online. Thomas Feibel also has written many works of fiction and non-fiction for and about children and young people. Since 2002, along with the magazine for parents spielen und lernen (Play & Learn), he has also been responsible for awarding TOMMI, the annual German children’s software prize. 

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